Kids Dental Caries

Is your child at risk of developing dental caries?

Is your child at risk of developing dental caries?

When Kids Tooth Decay is Left Untreated

Tooth decay is a common issue among children. If left untreated, a decayed tooth can cause pain and lead to problems like infections, jaw pains and abscesses.

Tooth decay typically occurs when cavities (small holes) develop on the outer surface of the teeth. Small children are more prone to developing caries as the protective layer of their milk teeth is thinner and not as developed as adult teeth. It doesn’t help that kids around this age tend to prefer sugary and starchy foods.

Food and Kids Dental Health

Foods that are high in sugar or starch contain fermentable carbohydrates that can contribute to tooth decay. Besides candies or lollies, parents should also watch their children’s intake of starchy foods like bread, rice, potato chips – and even some fruits.

All these kinds of food produce cavity-causing acids that give rise to bacterial infection and plaque formation. They also bring about demineralization – which occurs when the acids produced by the bacteria gradually weaken and destroy the enamel coating that protects the teeth from decay. It takes about 20-30 minutes before the cavity-causing acids start to cause demineralization of the tooth.

Instead of a total ban on cavity-producing foods, you may wish to adopt a gradual curb, so that your kids won’t have to adapt to a dramatic change overnight – which may be counter-productive.
Drinking lots of water will also help to increase saliva flow, and can help to neutralize the acids in the mouth.

Oral Hygiene and Kids Dental

The best prevention against tooth decay is not only to maintain proper oral hygiene and dental care – but also to keep a balanced and nutritional diet.

Is your child at risk of developing dental caries?

Dental Check Ups for Brisbane Kids

Professional Oral Health Maintenance

The practice of good dental hygiene goes hand in hand with kids regular dental check-ups and professional cleaning.

Because your children’s teeth are as sensitive as they are, special professional care is always advised. Most adult dental phobias stem from negative experiences developed as a child. Find out how to lessen a child dental anxiety when going to the dentist.

Kids Dentist

To avoid scarring your child’s perception of undergoing dental treatments, your dentist should be equipped with the right knowledge and experience of making kids feel secure and comfortable inside a dentist’s chair.

A child-friendly dentist would typically combine the visit with oral hygiene lessons. These are valuable lessons from which your child would pick up important life skills such as the proper way to brush and floss.

Dental Sealants for Kids

Beyond routine cleanings, the dentist or hygienist would also recommend fluoride treatments and dental sealants for your kids. Dental sealants are thin protective coatings that are used to guard against tooth decay. Likewise, fluoride treatments add a layer of protection against cavities. Both are effective preventive measures to help your kids maintain a beautiful and healthy smile.

Your child’s battle against dental caries and tooth decay starts with an active preventive dental program that is nurtured in a safe, comfortable and friendly atmosphere. And that is only possible in a positive home and dental clinic environment.